Lancaster Sertoma Meets 1st Thursdays & 3rd Thursdays
at 5:30PM at the Tennis & Yacht Club

Board Members

Board Members

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Sertoma Officers

Fiscal Year 2018 – 2019

  • Chairman of the Board:
  • President: Brent Guthrie
  • Vice President: Douglas Price
  • Secretary: Jim Ostrowski
  • Treasurer: Gary Price
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Charlie Feyock
  • Amphitheater Liaison: Douglas Price
  • Club Liaison: Bill Hager
  • Directors: Nicki Nafziger, James Spanos, and Lucie Lehr


  • Memorial Celebration: Bill Hager
  • Publicity: Dave Priester
  • Sponsorship: Steve Olin
  • Archive: Open
  • Serteen: Gene Duncan
  • Communications: Charlie Feyock
  • Barbecue: Gene Duncan
  • Social: Nicki Nafziger
  • Membership: Open
  • Programs: Open
  • Naturalization: Susan Wallace and Mike Kirkham
  • Senior Advisory: Dan Ostrowski
  • Long’s Park: Neal Heisey
  • Hearing Health: John Bauer
  • Celebrations and Visitations: Bill Hager
  • Reception: Open

Sertoma By-Laws

Sertoma Letterhead