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Community Sponsorships

Community Sponsorships

The Sertoma Club of Lancaster exists to provide life-enriching service to the Lancaster community. Each year through the fundraising efforts of our members, we are proud to sponsor a variety of organizations and initiatives throughout the local community.

Long’s Park

Long’s Park is a beautiful, 74-acre reprieve from the fast pace of the world. Situated conveniently off U.S. Route 30 near Franklin & Marshall College, the park is enjoyed by thousands of people every year.

The Sertoma Club of Lancaster restored this early 20th century gift to the people of Lancaster after it had fallen into ruin in the 1950’s. Club members built an outdoor amphitheater as a home for free open-air concerts, Shakespearian plays and community events. Members also brought together over 4,000 volunteers to build an amazing 20,000 square foot playground (formerly known as Kid’s Place). In early 2018, Sertoma contributed $150,000 to build a new playground to replace Kid’s Place. Each year the Sertoma Club contributes approximately 70% of the money raised from the BBQ to preserve the park and build new facilities for the enjoyment of people throughout the community.

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Kids Kamp

Kids Kamp is a summer camp for youth, ages 10-15, who are facing difficult challenges in their lives. It is now just one part of a larger effort supported by the Sertoma Club that includes Future Generations After-School Program and Connections, a summer day camp. Run by the Compass Mark, this project applies the talents of its staff and over 100 volunteers to mentor nearly 200 children and family members each year, with impressive results:

  • 86% increased school attendance
  • 87% improved their grades
  • 85% increased their ability to deal with anger
  • 100% passed to the next grade level

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Naturalization Receptions

405730_568613816493394_38778254_nEvery year, hundreds of people from many lands become new citizens here in Lancaster. To welcome them in style, the Sertoma Club of Lancaster has hosted over 125 luncheon receptions for more than 4,000 new citizens and their families.

Lancaster’s top ranking dignitaries join in the celebration as we honor those who have struggled to find freedom’s shore. It is a great opportunity to meet people of many cultures and be reminded of both the privileges and responsibilities we share in America.

The Sertoma Club of Lancaster is believed to be the only service organization in the entire country to provide a luncheon program to honor newly-naturalized citizens. From the time the Sertoma Club became a sponsor, more than 3,500 new citizens – men, women and children – have attended these luncheons.

Volunteer for Naturalization
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Community Hearing Health

Sertoma Club of Lancaster (Club) added Hearing Health as a formal initiative for the Club in 2011, reflecting Sertoma International’s emphasis on this important issue. Annually, a standing committee reviews strategies and goals and oversees projects, altering its activities to achieve greatest impact for the Club and for the citizens of Lancaster County.

To help support our commitment to hearing health we started the Chicken Run 5k.  The 2018 race will take place on October 20th.  Another project that has gained in importance and impact every year is the free hearing screenings offered by the Club.  The screenings are done support other nonprofit organizations.  Most notable is the partnership with Head Start of Lancaster County.  At no charge, trained Sertoma volunteers provide hearing screenings for 650 to 850 students, ages 3, 4 and 5 years old, enrolled with Head Start.  These screenings help to spot early, potential hearing issues which can then be referred to doctors or audiologists as needed.

Other Projects:

Conestoga View Nursing Home

The Sertoma Club sponsors the annual holiday party held at the Conestoga View Nursing Home.

Salvation Army

The Sertoma Club sponsors bell ringing by the Salvation Army.  Please sign-up at

Serteen Clubs

The Sertoma Club supports high school service clubs whose members participate in many service projects throughout the county.